INSOFTEK SDN BHD, a company incorporated in Malaysia with its principal office at 17, Jalan Cenderai 28, Kawasan Perindustrian Kota Putri,81750,Masai,Johor, Malaysia. The company was incorporated in May 2002 with the aim to serve Oils & Fats industries on down-stream specialty products. With this objective, the company provides a numbers of services for Oil & Fats Industries.





INSOFTEK SDN BHD's crystalliser design have been improved over the years to achieved the desired cooling with minimum dead space to ensure cohesion cooling. With our crystallisers and our experiences, many different products can be crystallised.



Membrane Filter Press


INSOFTEK SDN BHD provide Membrane filter press of 8 bar, 16 bar and 30 bar. It is designed by Insoftek Sdn Bhd in Malaysia and Envites in Czech Republic.


The MFP are engineered on edge cutting design, Maximum performance and long life operation using European steel with CE certificate. Beside this, the skeleton and the hydraulic system of the MFP is fully fabricated in Europe to ensure the quality and durability of the MFP.



Special & Advance software


Special software are developed by Insoftek Sdn Bhd to ensure cake dryness can be achieved and the membrane plates are protected. This software also enable the MFP to run different products ( subject to some modification if needed).


One stop station for all your dry fractionation equipment needs


INSOFTEK SDN BHD also provide a range of products such as filter clothes and various valves that are used in many plants, depending on the process.




The company is headed and managed by very experienced personnel in Oils & Fats industries ( more than 30 years of experience). Thus, the management is able to provide many special systems and services that most companies are unable to do so. The key personnel are Mr. Gan Bon Hor (General Manager) and Mdm Tan Lee Yan ( Adminstrative Manager) and experienced support staffs.


Fractionation processes is a combination of art and science in the Oils & fats industries. By altering the conditions of crystallisation processes coupling with proven technique on using the membrane filter press ( up to 30 bars), a large range of different products for various application can be manufactured. Below are some of the products and processes we had provided fractionation plants for over the years:
a) Olein of IV 56-60 ( up to 2500ton/day fractionation plant)
b) Super Olein of IV 62-65
c) Various PMF products and POP-34 fat
d) Palm Kernel Oil fractionation plant
e) Stearine Fractionation to obtain hard palm stearine with Melting point lower than 59 degree C
f) Pilot plant for research purposes ( 30 bar MFP)2) Membrane Filter Press

We provide not only engineering works, we provide solutions, from cradle to grave


INSOFTEK SDN BHD are able to provide solution for Oil & Fats fractionation processes, based on the specification of the products the customers have provided. We will be able to provide the whole dry fractionation plant, up to the design of the plant layout, process and technical support and knowledge, and good after sale services such as spare parts for the plant.