Specialty oil and fat consist of many types of products that are produced from palm oil or other various types of vegetable oil, and they are specially made to cater for a specific industry.They are tailored made to cater to each customer specific specification.

In Insoftek Sdn Bhd, we will design the dry fractionation plant according to our customers’ product specification for specialty oil and fat.

Specialty oil and fat are used in the following areas:

  • Chocolate Fat
  • Confectionery Fats
  • Bakery Fats
  • Frying fats



RBD Palm Olein is not considered a specialty oil and fat, it is pretty much considered a commodity nowadays.

Generally RBD palm olein IV56 is for bulk sales, where else IV57/IV58 are use as cooking oil in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. 



Hard Stearine of IV 12-16 is obtained through fractionating the RBD palm stearine in the solid fraction. It is mainly used in animal feed and candle waxing.




The POP fat is the final product obtained by enriching the SUS symmetrical triglyceride from palm oil using fractionation processes. POP stands for Palmitic-Oleic-Palmitic, When this POP fat is mixed with the right percentage with other exotic fats having POS & SOS triglycerides, the resultant fat is known as Cocoa Butter equivalent (CBE).

This CBE can be mixed with any amount of Cocoa butter to make chocolate and other confectionery products.

POP fat can also be used 100% in compound chocolate products using low fat cocoa powder and skimmed milked powder. The ingredients are almost devoid of fat, this finished chocolate behave as though it is controlled by a pure POP fat.

Super Olein IV63-65



Super Olein of IV63-65 is a premiun type of Olein product. These Oleins have better clarity and lower tendency to turn cloudy as compared to normal olein.

It has a much lower solid fat content, and is able to withstand lower temperature before turning cloudy. Hence, it is more often used in colder countries or winter seasons in certain countries.



Palm Mid Fraction (PMF) is a specialty fat produced by multiple fractionation of palm oil. Its main characteristic is a very high content in symmetrical disaturated triglyceride (mainly POP) resulting in a very steep SFC/ Temperature curve.

This fraction is the basis of virtually all true CBE’s on the market and is also very suitable for use in chocolate covered centres in place of lauric fats, which pose the risk of soapy rancidity when used improperly.

Being a specialty fat, PMF is produced in a wide range of characteristics, eg.  IV 32-48, SMP 32-38C, SFC (20C) 45-90%, using dry fractionation.

At Insoftek Sdn Bhd, we are specialise in these area to cater for the requirements or specification that the customers wants. POP fat below is also a product of PMF.